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26 March, 2014 22:16

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Medical Outreach Judith conducted a medical outreach at Mangaba/Nabbanda villages this past week. It was requested because there is a stomach problem going about. While she was there she and Jennifer Chilimina taught a group of women from the church. Their teaching combines health and Bible. There were 34 women who attended the class. The subjects were nutrition, sanitation and… Read more »

Zambia news

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Happenings in Zambia Just a few lines to update you on what is going on in Zambia. FYII am not at this point living in Zambia but I am making preparations to that end. I will travel to Zambia in mid August for a month. Pentecostal preacher and wife converted Charles Phiri reported that a Pentecostal preacher and his wife… Read more »


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Happenings in Zambia At this time of the year Southern Zambia is experiencing their rainy season. The result is that things “slow down.” It is during the rainy season that people plant their maize (corn) and millet. They are in the fields working and attendance declines in the village churches. The rains also hinder people moving about. People walk or… Read more »


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An Invitation Things just seem to happen “out of the blue” in what we are doing in Zambia. We received an invitation from the government power company (ZESCO) to attend a special ceremony “commissioning of the Kariba North Bank Power Extension Power Station and the hand over Siavonga High School.” It was revealed that we were the only religious group… Read more »

27 November, 2013 19:52

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Medical outreach in the villages Another part of the work that is being done in the Siavonga District involves bringing some basic medical services to the people in the villages. Judith Phiri, Charles’ wife, has received training to administer a limited number of medications to people after a simple evaluation. These medications must be purchased at a chemist in Lusaka…. Read more »