How Can I Help?

The success of any mission effort is mostly the result of a sharing (fellowship) effort. The success of this effort will depend on people who are willing to be a part of the work in ways other than actually being in Zambia.

We graciously welcome your interest and your prayers, but if you would like to participate more actively, here are some areas of need…

Support/Work Fund

Need:   Contribute funds toward support or work funds.

Ongoing monthly support is needed, as well as funds for working (fuel for the truck and travel when going out of the district).

One-time contributions are also extremely helpful and would be welcomed.


Need:   Medical supplies that are typically unavailable or unaffordable in the area.

Regular visits are made to the various villages to provide basic medical assistance and counseling to the villagers. The medications usually come from two sources; If you would like to help with either it can make a huge difference in someone’s life:

  1. Over the counter medicines from the US.

Certain US medications are preferred because of their potency compared to those from other sources. If you would like to contribute some of these, or perhaps collect them from others here in the US, they would then be sent to Zambia.

These medicines are: antibiotic ointment/cream, antifungal cream, hydrocortisone cream, eye drops.

  1. Prescription-strength drugs available in Zambia.

Judith Phiri has been trained at the hospital and is able to distribute several types of prescription strength antibiotics, cough syrup etc. We can purchase them from the Chemist in Lusaka. Funds are needed to purchase these medications along with those for malaria treatment and pain relievers.

Water Wells

Need:   Repairing or installing wells in areas that have no suitable water source.

There are two elements of this effort (the materials and labor are purchased in Zambia):

  1. Refurbishing/repairing wells.

People from a large area around a well depend on it for safe drinking water. Wells fail for a number of reasons; Materials wear out or break with time and use.  A well that does not produce water for even one day works a great burden on the people.

The cost depends on the materials needed to bring the well back up to working condition. Each well has pipes, rods, a pump cylinder, a press handle and a water tank.

The cost to completely refurbish a well is between $700 and $1000 depending on its depth. Sometimes it only requires a few parts. If pipes, rods and such can be purchased and kept on hand, then repair is simple and quick. Funds can be contributed toward the purchase in advance of materials so that action can be immediate when a need is made known.

  1. Drilling new wells

The cost to drill a new well is between $6000 and $7000. From time to time some wells fail completely because of age (that is, they are no longer able to produce water). Increases in population necessitate that new wells be drilled to accommodate the increased water consumption. The nearer a well is to where the people are located the easier obtaining daily water will be.


If you have any questions about what I do or how you can help, please feel free to contact me here.

If you wish to help, please send all contributions (materials and funds) to:

Circleville Church of Christ
Attention: West Richardson
1555 North Court Street
Circleville, Ohio 43113