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Greetings, Today the 1st November 2020 we had an outreach at Chibombo in the Central Province. We taught on Necessity of Faithful Assembly. We had three restored and five to be baptised. The place have no water enough to baptise but they have a water well. We are to build Baptism pools at Chibombo,Kabanga,Chikonkomene and Kawama. They have requested us… Read more »


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Greetings! There has been a good bit going on in Zambia. Our radio work continues to show results. Most of the response is coming from the Gwembe area. It is quite far from Siavonga, nearly 200 km. The roads to get there are very bad. We have had several baptisms. The problem is that there is no water available in… Read more »


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I received the following report from Charles concerning an outreach effort. Greetings, Today we went on an outreach to Kawama Church of Christ in Chisamba, Central province of Zambia. Andrew loloji one of the Church elders at Railways in Kabwe Preached. I did Bible Class at the end of the Church Service. Judith my wife and David our son was… Read more »

Aug 19

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Greetings! Still trying to get the bugs worked out of doing this on a regular basis. Everything in Zambia is pretty limited at this time due to the restrictions put on pretty much everything due to the virus. Everyone is required to wear a mask under penalty of arrest. We have some planned programs that are on hold just now…. Read more »


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Greetings! I am still struggling a bit to make this regular. The final results of our outreach to (I originally said Chinkakata) to Gweembe is in. The area is 270 km from Siavonga and is somewhat remote from any large communities. We baptized the headman and his wife and the vice headman and his wife. There were 16 baptisms over… Read more »