30 Baptized in Mufumbwe

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(Posted by West Richardson) Charles called me to check in and shared the program in Mufumbwe started last night. 30 chose to be baptized. He says both cell service and internet reliability in Zambia has dropped significantly since his last trip. As such, he is not able to report back as much as he likes. He will though get out… Read more »

2022 – Zambia Mission Trip – It Begins…

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14 April Well, it’s begun.  I arrived in Dubai about 7:30pm and walked, it seemed, a couple of miles to get to the hotel. I used to enjoy flying but these long flights are challenging.  My flight from Houston to Dubai was about 15 hours.  Fortunately, no one was seated in the middle seat so there was room to move… Read more »


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I am trying to determine who will receive my reports. I would appreciate if you would reply to my email so I can have a general idea of my mail list. Sorry but my last trip was 2019 so I am needed to refresh my own memory on this. Please reply to [email protected]

Gospel Chariot in Zambia

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I just got some interesting news from Charles in Zambia. We were not going to be able to work with the Gospel Chariot this year because the schedule did not include our area of effort. However, it seems that the two brothers who operate the Chariot were not happy that they would not be working with us. As a result,… Read more »

It’s getting close

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My departer date is getting nearer. Two weeks from yesterday is the departure. In two weeks I will be in Dubai for my overnight. I saw a post on Whatsapp today that says that gas (petrol) is 33zkw per litre. That is about $2 a liter. You can expand that our to how much it would cost a gallon for… Read more »