March 5

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The first part of 2015 I was contacted by a group in Alabama through Healing Hands International. This group collects and distributed humanitarian help and then ships the containers to various places in the world. They were wanted to send a container to Zambia. As part of the shipment I would be able to include my library and a few… Read more »

February 24

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WATER PROBLEMS The farmers in Zambia wait for the rains to begin before they begin to work their fields. All farmers in the Siavonga district are what would be called subsistence farmers. That is, what they grow provides for the family until the next year’s crop. But, in years where the rains do not come as they should problems can… Read more »

February 21

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I want to keep blogging now to keep people up with what is happening right now. The decision to come back was very hard but physically I was in a place where I needed to do this. I had visited the hospital in Siavonga twice but it was clear that not much else could be done there. I came back… Read more »

A need

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Someone said that when you do mission work you have to become a “professional beggar.” I ran this by a friend before I did this but here goes. I need to raise about $800. The purpose is to clear the container that is coming from the states. It is full of used clothing for benevolence and used books for schools…. Read more »