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I am finally finished with travel and am at a place where I can begin to correspond. We are still working out the details of internet access. Presently I am
hotspotting my phone but I do not know how that will work for the duration of the trip.

This year I traveled through Europe. I flew KLM to Johannesburg via Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a really BIG airport.

Once I arrived in Johannesburg I was collected by 4 of the male students from SABC (Southern Africa Bible College) I spent 2 nights with them and the entire
day on Tuesday. I was able to sit in on two of the classes and met the staff and student body. The school is still trying to build back after COVID shut
them down. I enjoyed the visit and was asked to speak at their daily devotional meeting on Tuesday.

On Wed morning I was taken to the airport and boarded an airline I have not heard of before SA Airlink. The flight was only about 2 hours. The plane was
smaller than the previous two which were the larger due to the length and distances traveled.

One really interesting think I encountered both in South Africa and Zambia. There were no visit permits to be paid for. You simple check through immigration and move on. In the past the business visa was about $100. Nice.

I was met at the airport by Charles and Judith Phiri, and two elders from Kabwe, Lologi and Mahongo (Lologi’s wife as well. We did a few errands one of
which as me purchasing a sim card for me phone. We went by and briefly visited with the driller who has done most of the wells we have drilled. He wanted to meet me briefly. We visited and them moved on toward Kabwe where Charles lives.

By this time I was dead tired during our trip. I had awakened at 1:30 and was not able to go to sleep. I eventually ended up at my lodging and almost immediately turned it.

I will begin my regular reporting in the next day or so as we settle the internet and I have a bit more time to “unwind”. Please feel free to contact me via
email at this time. I believe I will be able to receive texts and will give my local phone next post.

God bless!
Kabwe, Zambia

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