Update – May 8

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8 May

Today is day 2 of our time here in Kasempa. This morning we will be having church services.

Charles teaches the Bible class with Andrew Loloji translating. His class is a very basic topic on the work of the church.

Between the two of them they get pretty worked up and, at times, loud. The transition from class to the sermon is one song and then I am up. This trip I am using Acts 2 as my text for my Sunday sermons.

Charles always times the lesson. This morning it was 1 hour and 18 minutes. It did not seem like that but the translating does add some time to it. At the invitation we have 3 responses. One is a young man who has been trying to respond since day one. However, it seems that he has some severe retardation problems so we cannot immerse him. The other two are young ladies who ask to be baptized. We will do that when we finish with the services.

After our communion service and the closing announcements we open up the chariot for the baptisms. It seems that there were 44 present this morning.

I am always impressed with Charles. He will always make certain that those who wish to be baptized are doing so for proper reasons. These two young girls are friends and they encouraged each other to come forward. Charles will want to know that they were not doing it because the other wanted it but because each of them desired it and knew what it would mean for them.

Our session this afternoon will be outside in the shade. The study will still be Galatians but I am needed to move a bit faster due to the shortened time for the study.

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The crowd with the chariot seems to be getting bigger. I do know that people continue to arrive long after it begins. I estimate 250+ this evening.

Loloji present the sermon in the middle of the film. He does not need a translator when he speaks. The message is generally well received. Seed is being sown.

Tomorrow is the last day in Kasempa. On Tuesday we will start back for Kabwe.

To date: 49 baptisms – 17 restorations.

God bless,