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Happenings in Zambia

Just a few lines to update you on what is going on in Zambia. FYII am not at this point living in Zambia but I am making preparations to that end. I will travel to Zambia in mid August for a month.

Pentecostal preacher and wife converted

Charles Phiri reported that a Pentecostal preacher and his wife were baptized within the past week or so. The initial contact came as a result of WBS lessons that have been distributed in the village of Bbendele. This congregation was only begun about a year and a half ago and their weekly attendance numbers in the low 30’s. The preacher and his wife began reading and studying using the WBS material. He permitted his wife to attend the church services in Bbendele. He eventually attended some and they were both baptized.

The result of their conversion is that the Pentecostal church where he was preaching to will probably cease to exist. It is hoped that some of his members will follow his lead and study with those at Bbendele.

House News

The walls for the foundation of the house were completed on Friday. What will happen next is the back filling of the foundation. Then it will have to be “packed” down before the seal is poured over the top.

It is a slow process. I can only do work as there are funds available.

That’s what’s new for now.

Mushali kabotu (go well)


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