Ongoing well work

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Ongoing Well Work

There is a great deal of interest in our well work in Zambia. Due to recent contributions by anonymous individuals we have targeted a well in the Kabanana area of the district. It is located about 17 km off of the tarmac that goes toward Lusaka. It is sited at the Zalaunga Community School.

A community school is a school that is started by the community because there is no basic school nearby. It is built by the community and staffed by the community. Generally it is hoped that once the school is up and running that the government will take it over and it will become part of the Zambian school system. The buildings are often very basic. As you can see there are no windows. These would add to the cost of the structure. Yet, as with government schools it becomes the center of village activity. There are 400 students at this school. The well will serve the school as well as the area villages.

The well is producing very little water. The pipes are in very poor condition and there seems to be a problem with the pump cylinder. It will need to be replaced. It produces water so slowly that people are forced to wait long periods or walk the long distance to the river and run the risks that go with that source.

This well serves, at present, at least three villages and a population over 2500. If the well is not producing sufficient water for the population then the people are forced to travel 4 km to the Kafue River. Getting water from the river is risky on several levels. Surface water is subject to various pathogens. It is also the home of crocodiles. A man from the area was recently attacked and killed by a crocodile as he went to the river for water.

As long as funds are available we will continue to work to provide water to the villages of the area. It has opened doors for the church in a number of villages. Without water people cannot remain in a area and will tend to cluster around a source of water.

Thank you to all who help and have an interest in the work.