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Traveling to Zambia

The dates for my 2014 trip have been set. I will be leaving August 25th for Zambia. I will depart Zambia to return on September 30th. This year I will be traveling on Ethiopian Airways. It will be a new experience for me. I will change planes in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. I have only flown on British Airways and South African Airways. But the price was too good to pass up.

There have been several meetings about the upcoming trip and the work to be done. The yearly village lectureship will be the first weekend in September. We also plan to visit churches in the Copperbelt and then north to Muyombe area. I hope to have a rough schedule by later this week.

Former Pentecostal preacher shares the Gospel

Several months ago we reported that a Pentecostal preacher and his wife were baptized into Christ in the village of Bbendele. I learned this past week that one of his former members was baptized into Christ as a result of his study with her. This congregation’s attendance is now in the upper 30’s on a regular basis. I am anxious to meet this young man when I visit there later this year. The initial contact was through the use of the WBS materials in Tonga. God is blessing our efforts in this area.

House News

Work on the foundation is ongoing. It has now been back filled. For the past several days they have been hauling in barrels of water to soak the back fill. Now that this is completed they will take the next 3 or so days to “tamp” it down. Once that is done it will be ready to begin with the cap or sealer. We might call it the slab. Work on that should begin before the end of the week. It will likely take several weeks to complete that work. Once the slab is completed then we can begin to mold blocks to begin the walls. This will be done as funds are available for cement. But the building can now be done as materials are available. Up to this point things had to be done at once. You cannot pour a footer in pieces. The foundation slab must also be done all at once.

Well Work

Recently funds have been made available to repair a well at the school at Zalaunga. The materials are on site and the work should happen by Wednesday of this week. The well at Nabbanda is also to be done this week it is hoped.

That’s what’s new for now.

Mushali kabotu (go well)