What is happening with me now?

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If you do not know…I have returned to the US due to some unforeseen health problems. As a result Audrey did not join me in Zambia. At the present we are with my son Nathan and his family in Florida.

Plans just now are to try and address the health challenge and recoup some physically and emotionally. My son is a nurse and will be helping and guiding my progress. At present I do not have any health insurance which will be the first thing to address.

We will stay with my son and his wife while we look at things. I do not know what will happen in the immediate future.

I have access to facebook so I can use it to contact people who are on facebook. Please feel free to make contact at my email: [email protected] if you want to communicate. My new cell number is 239-919-7010.

Please keep us in your prayers as we assess things and look at what will happen, Lord willing, in the future.

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