A need

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Someone said that when you do mission work you have to become a “professional beggar.” I ran this by a friend before I did this but here goes. I need to raise about $800. The purpose is to clear the container that is coming from the states. It is full of used clothing for benevolence and used books for schools. Also on the container is my library and a few personal things. If I use my personal funds it will leave me short. If you are interested or can assist it will be a great help. The cloths will be given to needy Zambians. The books will be given to rural schools that lack even basic supplys. Contact me if you are able and willing to help out. All funds can go through the Circleville Church of Christ.

2 thoughts on “A need

  1. Don Bailey

    Charles, I’m good for $200 for the container.

    And Inge and I are good for daily prayers for your safe return to the States.

    May God bless you for the wonderfully productive work that you accomplished — in the face of many odds — to lay up treasure in Heaven.

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