February 21

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I want to keep blogging now to keep people up with what is happening right now.

The decision to come back was very hard but physically I was in a place where I needed to do this. I had visited the hospital in Siavonga twice but it was clear that not much else could be done there.

I came back to deal with some health issues. But, I do not have any insurance. My son suggested that we check into the VA and see about medical care through there. We went and it seems that I can now qualify for VA medical so I filled out the application and got to see a nurse and a doctor that day. I was given an antibiotic and later got an appointment to see a doctor and have lab work done.

I was chastised for “disappearing” by one good sister. I apologize for that but coming back was hard for me. I also realized that physically I was in need of some “collecting myself.”

I was able to get medical through the VA. Since then I have had lab work and saw a doctor on Friday. One of the problems I was having that I went twice to the hospital to see about addressing was with my prostate. I was given medication but it was not really helping. I know there is some enlargement but it was keeping me from sleeping at night.

The first visit with the doctor indicated that some of the problem was prostatitis (sp?), probably from infection. I received an antibiotic and that has been improving. But, when the blood work was done my PSA was elevated some for me. My blood pressure was also elevated enough to medicate as well as my cholesterol. Medication was prescribed for those. The VA will be a real godsend for me as right now my prescription cost will be minimal or none. The doctor said the elevated PSA could be the result of the prostatitis. So another blood test will be done in 2 weeks to see if that is the case.

So for now I will be addressing some of these issues. I will try to be better at keeping everyone up on what is going on.

I spoke with Charles Phiri today and he says it is HOT there like in October. It should be cooling some. They have still not had that much rain in Siavonga. He did say that they had heavy rains in Lusitu. But it is too late for the crops they are done there. There will be hunger later on.

Please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by phone at 239-919-7010 (the signal is somewhat spotty at time) or by email at [email protected]. I will try to be better at answering.

Please keep all this in your prayers.



2 thoughts on “February 21

  1. Bob Bliss

    Charles, sorry that your physical condition has necessitated your coming back to the States. Praying that you will find relief and healing so that you might fulfill your mission.

    1. Charles Hill Post author

      Thanks for the concern. I tried to reply to your e-mail but it came back. What is your email address now? Are you still in Florida?


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