February 24

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The farmers in Zambia wait for the rains to begin before they begin to work their fields. All farmers in the Siavonga district are what would be called subsistence farmers. That is, what they grow provides for the family until the next year’s crop.

But, in years where the rains do not come as they should problems can develop with the crops. Sometimes they receive good rain in late October as they should. But, after that the rains stop. If they do not resume then the crops come up but lacking water they begin to dry up.

This year this is what happened. There were good rains (but brief) the end of October the first of November and then…nothing. Crops began to dry up and by early January some crops were already gone. Rains did come in January (again brief), but not consistent. Some came in late February. But, by this time many had lost their crops. It remains to be seen what might be the outcome but it could mean a real problem with hunger. Please keep the people in prayer.