Update – May 9

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9 May

Today is the final day of our work in Kasempa. It has been a good effort even though the numbers were not as large as other sites. Charles has described what we have done here is “revived the church.”

COVID has had a negative effect on the church here just as it has in the US. The government shut down churches and would not allow them to meet. When they finally did it was only limited in numbers (50). Even now masks are being enforced in some locations. Charles said the government would even have people come into congregations during services to check and see if everyone was wearing a mask. As in the US some members stopped coming and never returned when services were allowed to resume.  Apparently, Kasempa was one hard hit by that fact.

Our numbers today are fewer than previously but they appear to be a strong group of believers.

At the end of our morning session there were two women who came asking for prayer for strength and faithfulness. Both said that they needed to be better followers of Jesus

After lunch break we had our afternoon teaching where I wrapped up our study of Galatians.

I believe that our time here as helped the congregation. It has strengthened them and their resolve to serve God better. We have also seen several additions to the congregation through baptism.

In the evening the Chariot had their program. Again there were 200+ in attendance. There was one young man who asked to be baptized.

With this evening’s presentation our time with the Chariot is ended. Tomorrow we will return to Kabwe and they will continue their program elsewhere. They will be in Zambia for 3 months total.

Tomorrow will be an uncomfortable day. If we make it to Kabwe it will be a long day in the vehicle. Things are tight with 6 people so I will be anxious to get there and be able to “stretch out.” There will be a day to rest before the program in Kabwe begins.

10 May

Today we are traveling toward Kabwe. We will not be able to make the trip in a single day. So we go as far as Chingola in the Copperbelt and stay for the night.

To date: 50 baptisms – 19 restorations.

God bless,


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