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New Name

As you can tell from the header the name has been changed from Siavonga Mission to Simalundu Mission. This was done based on the recommendation of

Charles Phiri. He said that since we will be working in other areas of Zambia it might cause some questions as to why we are Siavonga and in another location in the country. That made sense to me so we are going as Simalundu Mission.

Simalundu means “big man from the mountain.” It was a name I was given in Zambia so it seemed a good title. So we are now Simalundu Mission.

We will be filing for recognition by the government as a mission organization. With that we will be able to get an exemption certificate for VAT tax from the government. VAT in Zambia is 16%. The permit will be a cost saving tool when it comes to purchasing well materials and other supplies for the work.

Progress on House

Work on our house is progressing very well. At this time the walls are up to the top of the windows. In the next day or so the windows and door frames will be installed; then the walls will be finished. We are looking at roofing and should have the information we need in the next day or so for the materials.

At this point the outside walls are mostly up to window level. But the inside partitions remain to be built up as well.

Our house will not be elaborate but it should be comfortable.

As of today, Sunday 10 May, the walls are all complete to the top of window level. We should be ready for a roof by month’s end according to Charles Phiri.


At this time my schedule for arriving in Zambia is as follows:

July 19 – Last day Sunday in Chambersburg

July 22 – Travel to Texas to see family and church in Austin

July 27 – Return to Dulles Int. – We will overnight nearby

July 28 – Depart from Dulles on Emirates

July 29 – Arrive in Lusaka Zambia and travel to Siavonga

I hope to be blogging regularly from this point on to keep everyone up on progress on the house etc.

Anyone who wishes to help with the house construction (any help will be welcome) please feel free to contact myself or the church in Circleville, OH.

God bless!

Charles Hill

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  1. Troy Singleton

    God’s blessings, Charles & Audrey. Will follow your progress with interest and prayers for His glory and your good. Hope to see ya when in ATX.

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