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Progress on the house

House construction has now reached the top of the window/door frames. Door frames have been installed.

The next step is what is called a “ring beam.” Forms will be built on the top of all the walls. Concrete and rebar will then be placed and poured into that form. This, I am told, “locks” all the walls together. Charles went to Chirundu today to purchase the timbers and rebar. Work will begin on it tomorrow.

At the same time nearly 2000 more blocks will need to be molded to complete to walls and the gabels. That should begin in the next day or two.

Charles is traveling to Lusaka this week to get the estimate on the materials for the roofing. He believes that we will be ready to put the roof on by the 1st of June or so.

Our House in Chambersburg

We have accepted a bid on our house in Chambersburg. I am requesting prayer just now. The inspector is coming out tomorrow morning followed by the assessor. My concern is the inspection. When everything is said and done we will receive very little on the house for us. I believe that it is ready but the buyer is getting FHA financing. Thus the inspection could find problems that they will want corrected before approving it. We do not have any more funds to do anything major and are basically breaking even on the sale after the buyer wanted us to pay the closing costs. Our little nest egg/cushion went away with that. I have never sold a house before so all this is new. In the end everything should be OK but you know how things go. So prayers are appreciated on this.

At this time the house is mostly empty. With the house the only major item to deal with is the car. It is financed so I need to be able to sell it for at least what is owed on it. After that everything else is pretty much dealt with.

It is odd to be basically selling everything we own and relocating to another country. So far everything has gone smoothly since we committed to the move. God has been good…


I will post this often for now so that everyone can keep us in their prayers as we move toward our travel.

At this time my schedule for arriving in Zambia is as follows:

July 19 – Last day Sunday in Chambersburg

July 22 – Travel to Texas to see family and church in Austin

July 27 – Return to Dulles Int. – We will overnight nearby

July 28 – Depart from Dulles on Emirates

July 29 – Arrive in Lusaka Zambia and travel to Siavonga

God bless!