Getting there!

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Progress on the house

I have been asked many times about what kind of house we will have in Zambia. I thought that folks might like to see the floor plan/blueprint of the house that is now under construction.

I am not certain of the dimensions. I believe that they are all given in metric measurements.

We have reached the point where a “ring beam” is being poured. When the walls reach the top of window/door level forms are put up along the top of all the walls. A beam is then poured of concrete and iron re-bar reinforcement on top. I believe it is about 12” in height and the width of the block wall (about 6”). Once that is set an additional 3 lines of block is then laid on top along with gabling. At that point it is ready for the roof to be put on.

The ring beam should be finished in about another 1 to 2 days.

The septic has been dug and needs to be finished (built with blocks) before being covered over. Work is being done to construct a veranda outside the main door.

It is all moving too slowly for me but we are getting there just the same.


I will post this often for now so that everyone can keep us in their prayers as we move toward our travel.

At this time my schedule for arriving in Zambia is as follows:

July 19 – Last Sunday in Chambersburg

July 22 – Travel to Texas to see family and church in Austin

July 27 – Return to Dulles Int. – We will overnight nearby

July 28 – Depart from Dulles on Emirates

July 29 – Arrive in Lusaka Zambia and travel to Siavonga

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Getting there!

  1. Cindy A. Burgener

    It is so exciting hearing the good works God is doing in your life. May His blessings be upon you each and every step of the way and may prosperity and good health surround you!! I look forward to continuing to hear more on the house progress as well as your visits with your family before you officially leave.

    On a side note… we did bring Meghan to Brooklane so she would have someone outside of mom and dad to speak to about the normal and sometimes not so normal teenage life. She seems to be doing better.

    Wishing you all the best in all of your future endeavors.


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