2014 trip

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2014 Trip

Let’s do this…it’s me…blogging! How 21st century is that?

I am less than 2 months from leaving on my trip to Zambia. It looks to be another busy trip.

The well work is still in the air as I am waiting to see if funds will be available to do the well repair this year. If it is we are hoping to repair between 10 and 15 wells. Charles has been traveling about and surveying the sites and what is needed.

The major programs this year are:

Leadership workshop this year when they met to plan the program when they are asked about the topics they replied that “he has been coming for a long time” we will let him decide what will be taught. That is a humbling thing…they have enough confidence in me to let me chose the material to be studied.

There were several issues that will be addressed. Charles wants me to teach about marriage and give specific attention to the practice of polygamy. It has appeared more and more as the church expands. The Tonga practice polygamy though some of the other tribes do not. We will also touch on the use of the Bible to guide and instruct us as well as other leadership issues.

Village Lectureship this will be the weekend of the 5th 7th of September. It will be held in the village of Lumbembe. This is because it is the most central in the district. The study will be the book of Philippians. One aspect that I want to emphasize more this year is the inner man. We are Christians from the inside out. It is more than just the outward things. We are changed and regenerated from within.

The Copperbelt this year Charles has accepted an invitation from a congregation in the Copperbelt to spend a couple of days with the congregation. They have been asking for a couple of years and this year we will visit.

Muyombe District This year we need to return to the Muyombe District on the border with Malawi. We have not been in several years and need to return and revisit the congregations in that area. We were well received the last time we traveled there. My only concern is the vehicle. Will it stand up to the long distance? We have been doing work on it to bring it up to par where it can be depended upon. Our mechanic is a man who actually works for the Isuzu dealership so he knows the vehicle.

Muyombe is located about 180 km off of the tarmac out of Isoka. It is about 1200 km north of Lusaka.

While we are there we hope to plant a couple of new congregations as well as visit some of those already there. It is likely that we will also sit down with the chiefs and talk about the area. It is also possible that we will talk some with the council about needs of the district.

Please keep the trip and preparations in your prayers that we will have a successful work and with as few challenges as possible.

God bless!


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  1. Kathy Abels

    Excited that you are teaching on Philippianns and will pray about your strategy with the subject of polygamy. How is the house coming along?

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