14 August, 2014 02:44

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My 2014 trip is now just around the corner. I will be departing on Monday August 25 for Zambia. Accompanying me this year will be my wife Audrey and her brother Tom Holmes and his wife Denise. They want to see the work in Zambia.

This year we will be flying on Ethiopian Airways. This is the first year for any airline other than South African but the ticket price was just too good to pass up. We will see how it compares to SA.

Audrey, Tom and Denise will only be staying about 2 weeks and then returning home. During that time they will be there for the leadership workshop and the village lectureship. They will likely see some well work as well. I have made arrangements for them to take one day and visit the Kariba Game Preserve just over the border in Zimbabwe.

This year’s village lectureship will be in Lumbembe at the Kasamba congregation. I believe that this will be a more or less permanent location since it is so central to the area and has water close by. The topic this year is the book of Philippians. Part of it will be to give an overview of the subject. But I also want to begin to emphasize the inner man of the Christian. There is a tendency to only look at outward things like baptism etc.

We were able to secure funds to repair at least 10 wells. If we are careful we may be able to extend that to a few more.

At this time we have targeted 2 villages where we hope to plant new congregations. We will also work to improve the distribution of printed materials in the local language.

If the truck remains mechanically sound we will spend one weekend in the Copperbelt. After that we hope to travel once again to the Muyombe area. We have not been there for several years and a visit is needed.


As most of you know I am working on a house in Siavonga. Thus far with help from brethren we have succeeded in getting the foundation and slab for the house completed. The next stage will be to mold blocks to build the walls. All total 3000 blocks will be needed. Cement can be secured for about $1500. Sand will cost about $700 and $250 will be needed for the labor to make the blocks. Any who would like to contribute toward this stage it would be greatly appreciated.

Prayers please!

I hope to write a few more times before I go to perfect the system on my laptop. Once there I will be submitting regular reports via the blog. If you wish to contact me you can reply or do it directly to my e-mail address: chill. Please keep the effort in your prayers.

Mushale kabotu!