Heading out

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It’s time to go!

Well, it’s time to leave for Zambia. We depart tomorrow morning on Ethiopian Airways for Addis Ababa and from there to Lusaka arriving at noon on Thursday. We will be in Lusaka for the remainder of Tuesday and then head for Siavonga on Wednesday afternoon.

Here is the schedule for this year’s trip.


25 – leave USA

26 – arrive Lusaka

27 – gathering materials in Lusaka – Siavonga

28 – rest (yeah right!)

29 – leadership workshop – Siavonga

30 – leadership workshop – Siavonga

31 – worship – Siavonga

01 – plant congregation – Kabanana

02 – rest (!)

03 – plant congregation – Mwakaingamwa

04 – preparation and travel to village lectureship in Kasamba

05 – village lectureship

06 – village lectureship & Sunday

07 – Sunday worship in Kasamba

08 – well repair

09 – well repair

10 – travel to Lusaka

11 – well repair

12 – well repair

13 – well repair

14 – outreach church service

15 – rest

16 – visit Masaga church

17 – visit junction church

18 – visit Chitanga church

19 – travel to Copperbelt

20 – Copperbelt

21 – Copperbelt

22 – travel to Muyombe

23 – workshop – Muyombe

24 – workshop – Muyombe

25 – workshop – Muyombe

26 – return to Siavonga

27 – review

28 – Siavonga worship

29 – travel to Lusaka

30 – depart

As you can see it is a full schedule. We are planning on repairing at least 10 wells. Usually we can do that many and some more by being frugal with new materials and reusing sound materials.


We have not been to Muyombe in several years. A visit is needed to follow up on previous work. The only problem would be if the truck does not perform well. We have been slowly working on it and putting it back to rights. It is hoped (and prayed for) that it will be up to the task. We will need to baby it a bit and not push too hard. The location of Muyombe is about 180 km into the bush from Isoka. When last we traveled there the road was not bad in some places and pretty bad in others.

The road to Muyombe goes over this mountain. Last time it was really slow because the road was badly rutted and covered with stones. You can see the road in the foreground. Not too bad but really dusty this time of the year.

One thing about Muyombe it is only a few kilometers from the border with Malawi. As a result we will probably see members and leaders from congregations just over the border.

Last time we were in Muyombe they did not have electricity. I am not sure if it has arrived as yet. I think that it may have. If not it is a different experience when the only lights are candles.

Anchor’s Away

We are in the Dulles area for the evening. I wanted to post before I leave to make certain everything is in order. Next post will be from Zambia on Tuesday.

God bless!

Charles & Audrey

4 thoughts on “Heading out

  1. Roy Merritt

    Charles and Charles, I am planning a trip to Lusaka Wednesday 27–am Collecting Harding University on the 28th. I can bring your materials, but need to know where to leave them. I will not have time to go down to Siavonga. Roy

    1. Charles Hill

      Roy, we will be in Lusaka on the 27th so we can meet (perhaps for lunch and collect the materials. I will call you when I arrive on Tuesday the 26th.


  2. Jack and Kathy

    We are praying as you start this year’s mission that the Lord will open doors for you and that your spirit and body and mind will be ready and up to the challenge. Know we are praying every day for your safety and your insight. We love you all

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