Well Repair

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Another Well Repaired

We were able to repair another well this week due to a generous donation from an individual. The well at Chididi was in need of replacing all of the equipment (i.e. pipes, rods, cylinder, pump handle and water tank).

Chididi is a village of about 1500 people. The well has not produced water in over 6 months. Repairing it will be a real blessing to the village who have been traveling several kilometers to obtain water for their needs.

To date we have repaired 85 wells and drilled 12. The number of Zambians who have benefitted from our efforts is over 100,000. We have been able to plant several congregations as a result with a number more in the plans.

Providing safe drinking water is probably the single best way to improve the lives and the health of the people of Zambia. It has really the helped the influence of the church in the District. We are well received everywhere we go in the area.

A special thank you to those who have supported the work with water in the past and in the future. People are being benefitted and the church is growing as a result. Thank you.

God bless!


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  1. Joe

    Charles, how do I contact you? Are there congregations in the USA I can contact to find out more about you and your work? Thanks.

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