September 6

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Not much happening here beyond trying to get the house to where I can get into it. Right now the electric is the only thing preventing that…hopefully that will be resolved on Monday.

As of today, all the inside walls are plastered (i.e. smooth concrete). The only ceiling that remains is in the guest shower and that could not be done because that was the last room finished today. Monday should do it. After that it is stone the floors and finish the window sills. After that it will be painting etc.

A man was shot and killed in Lusitu last night. The reason…he was suspected of practicing witchcraft. This belief is a very strong part of the culture of this part of Zambia. Over the last couple of years several have been killed by people for just such fears and/or accusations.

A young man from one of the villages (he is a church member) is a bit fearful to visit his home in the village when he is on holiday from school. He is attending George Benson Christian Teachers College. Because he is doing well and improving himself he is nervous that he may be accused of witchcraft. Zambians are sometimes very jealous of those who improve themselves or benefit in ways that they do not. At times they can accuse the person who is doing well of witchcraft. Witchcraft being the reason they are doing well (it is thought). The rural people are especially fearful of witches. It is part of their heritage and has a long history in the tribal culture. It does not seem to occur to some that the reason someone might be doing well is because of their choices and actions. Jealousy and envy can be powerful emotions and, at times, destructive even dangerous. It does not happen often but it does happen.

Mike Dodson had commented that he would like to have seen a video of me “moving around” during the celebration. First, let me say…no way that was ever going to happen. But here is a picture to let you know it really did happen.

Just staying in touch for now.

5 thoughts on “September 6

  1. Kathy

    Isn’t the idea to change a culture’s perception as the word of God begins to transform their thinking? Is “doing better” only related to economic status? We continue to pray that the adjustment to Zambia and from Zambians goes smoothly.

  2. Melba Deitrick

    What was the celebration? I must have missed a report. Sounds like your house will be a pretty nice place. We are having some hot days. Looks like fall is about here. God bless and keep you.

  3. Mike Dodson

    I guess the picture will have to suffice. It looks like they are really glad to have you in Zambia. Know God will do a great work thru you. Continued prayers.

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