August 31

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Today was a special day in Siavonga. I spoke at services but the church had planned a special
celebration to welcome me to Zambia. It took place after services. I was not sure what to expect but it was a pleasant experience…and a bit humbling.

Charles had been talking with church leaders in the villages and others in the community and
inviting them to the celebration all week. A number of them did come. All total there were 138 present today.

The church presented me with two shirts made for me. It was material typical for chitenges… colorful and in the style that might be termed “local.”


I liked them, a lot. Later there were more gifts for the house…pots, glasses etc. It was really nice.


After we ate they started playing music (not church) and eventually many (especially the
women) started dancing. Then they wanted to dance around me so I moved about a bit with
them. They were really excited at that. I said moved around because that is pretty much what
I did, just moved a bit. It was fun and they really enjoyed me doing that with them.

It was a long day but enjoyable. So I guess I am officially here as far as the churches are concerned. Charles will continue to introduce me to officials and such.

Today (Monday) was the first day of ‘power shading’ in Siavonga. Power shading is where the
power is turned off to conserve it. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the power will be off
from 1pm to 6pm. That is better than in Lusaka where it is off from 6 to 6 during the day.
It seems that with the poor rains in the west the lake is lower than it has been in years.
The problem is that if the water level drops to a certain point they will no longer be able to generate power. Everyone is concerned about it.

I think that I will probably need to seek funds to purchase a generator so that I can maintain
to some degree the household. I have heard an estimate of about $3000 for a generator but I am not sure and will need to seek more information.

The house is coming along quickly now. Ceilings are in all the bedrooms and hallway.
Tomorrow likely it will be done in the kitchen. The air conditioners are being installed but
until the power line comes they cannot be tested. We brought in more flat stone to continue
the floors. Most of the rooms are now plastered with only a couple remaining. The electric
is mostly done with a few fixtures and switches remaining. Plumbing is almost finished.

The floors in the master bedroom and bath were sealed today. That is the last that needs to be done before it is ready to use. The office will follow tomorrow.

Keep the effort in your prayers. It is at the stage where most of the big costs are handled
except for labor but it is starting to “nickel and dime” me now. There always seems to be another need or expense and I am at the limit of available funds.

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  1. Kathy

    Charles, we just read of your recent developments, blessings and needs. We will do what we can to get the word out and pray all continues to be productive in this mission. It sounds like you are well received. We pray the believers there will continue to grow as indigenous leaders and have the strength to discern and be bold for The Lord. Thank you for all you do.

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