September 22

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I made the jump today (Saturday) from Eagle’s Rest into the house. It is weird though. I have this huge house and I am living
in one room. The other problem…there is no water pressure. We are not sure all the lines are open but it looks like we will
need to use the booster pump for the water. It seems that we did not mount the water tank high enough for gravity and the amount
of water to take care of the pressure. Well rats… The booster pump will do fine unless we lose power. There is still some
water in the house but it is not much pressure. Anyway it will work. I already have the booster and sensor so it is just a matter of mounting them and hooking up power. An hour or so should do it.

The first night was really odd. New house, new surroundings, new bed etc.. Plus, it was really windy last night so there were
those sounds. I need to check the roof when I get outside. The walls outside have not been “sealed.” That is finished up to
the roof to close them off. That part of the work is done after the roof is put on. When the floors are finished in the next
couple of days the builder will do that before going to another job for a couple of weeks. At that point he will return and do
the walls on the outside (plastering and stones). I have decided to put flat stone on the outside up to the bottom of the windows. Above that it will be plastered and eventually painted.

Getting into the house will be a process. I am “trapped” in my house. By that I mean I am living in a single room. Once the
major work is done and the painting then I can begin to put things together as far as the rest of the house goes.

First thing tomorrow (Monday) the plumber will hook up the booster pump. Then connect the electric to it and we are in
business. I do not know if the pressure can be regulated or if I get what I get. I am told it can be really powerful. We’ll see but at least I will have useable fixtures in the house.

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  1. Melba Deitrick

    Nothing like progress – at whatever speed! Busy time here. Broad Top had a fall gospel meeting last weekend. Our meeting comes October 4-8 with Eddie Cooper from somewere in WV. Two Ladies’ Days last weekend, one at Charles Town and one at Strasburg. Unfortunately we couldn’t be at both places. Weather here yesterday and today is cooler. Today is beautiful. God continue to keep watch over you and bless your work. -Melba

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