September 13

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(I apologize, I thought that this posted on Sunday but apparently I missed a step in the process.)

It’s been a few days so I thought I would catch up some with what is going on here.

On Wednesday we attended the funeral and burial of Rabson Mhongo in Lusaka. As a rule I find that funerals can be somewhat brutal emotionally for people. They are useful for closure in loss and support. But…Rabson’s funeral was over 3 hours long. It was well attended. I estimate at least 2000 people were present. The church building was full and people were stacked around on the outside. But, with all respect, it was too long. Afterwards was the burial. Unlike the US where people generally follow the hearse to the cemetery it was everyman for himself. In Lusaka traffic…well you can imagine. But many did come and show support for the family.

On Thursday (or was it Friday) the electricity was finally hooked up to the house from ZESCO. It was another day before everything was finally hooked up and connected (lights, outlets etc.) – Saturday for sure. What remains is a second coat of stone sealer in the bedroom (tomorrow) and I will finally move in.

Today we had services at Bbendele congregation. There were 3 responses for baptism. One of the three however, will have to delay baptism. He has broken his collarbone and is casted with instructions not to get anything wet or change the position until he returns to the doctor (on Oct 1). But there is not water in Bbendele (or most anywhere else in the villages) where we can baptize anyone. But the Siavonga building has a baptistry and there is water in it so we drove a group back to Siavonga to baptize the two individuals. I then gave the group bus fare to return to Bbendele.

It was a good day. Tomorrow we begin doing well aprons on wells that were drilled earlier.

The weather here is getting hotter. The last two days have not been as severe as a couple of days ago but I know it is coming before the rains.

I will try to post pictures of the house in the next edition.

2 thoughts on “September 13

  1. Kathy

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow. He is quickly acclimating you for ministry. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. Melba Deitrick

    Very interesting about the funeral. Happy to see more baptisms. Looks like your work is awaiting!! God be with you

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