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Future churches What is beginning to happen in the district is that people are calling and asking about the church. Specifically they are asking us to “bring the church” to their village. This is exciting but we must be careful. We want to start congregations that will survive. We also do not want to begin them for the “wrong” reasons…. Read more »

The latest

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What’s going on? I’m still not used to this blogging thing. It seems that I should be doing it more often but… In Zambia this time of year people are beginning to look toward the coming of the rainy season. With the rainy season comes the planting of their fields. They are beginning to prepare the ground by clearing it… Read more »

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Zambia news I received news from Charles Phiri that two church members have been murdered in the Siavonga area in the past couple of weeks. One was a young man who was killed by a friend. The other was a village head man who was shot while waiting for dinner. It is believed that it may relate to some accusing… Read more »

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Welcome to my blog!! Wellhere we go. Welcome to my newest foray into the 21st century. This blog will keep folks up on what is going on in Zambia in which I am involved. I hope the new format will make it easier for me to do this. The newsletter tended to be a bit more tedious to produce. This… Read more »


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Welcome to the Siavonga Mission blog.