Catching up

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It has been a couple of days so I thought I would let you know what has been going on. Audrey, Tom and Denise departed yesterday for the USA. So we traveled to Lusaka on Tuesday. I cannot say it enough, I do not like driving in Lusaka. It’s a combination of bumper to bumper traffic and the Daytona 500.

We took them to a “village” in Lusaka where local artisans sell their wares. They wanted to pick up some souviners (sp.) for folks back home. In the end they got off on time. There were several other adventures for us as we tried to get back to Siavonga but I will write about those later. I just wanted to touch base.

Today we will be visiting a mechanic and doing some work on a couple of wells. I should have some pictures later today.

Mushale kabotu!
Siavonga, Zambia