November 28

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Well Repair

We have been able to make repairs to the well at Sichombolwa near the Chirundu junction. A generous donation has allowed us to pay for the parts that were needed that we had obtained on credit. We replaced the pump cylinder and the well pump handle and added a couple of pipes. This well provides water to around 2000 people. We have been able to plant a congregation as a result of our work with water in the area. There are 5 villages in this area with a population of near 5000+.

Work such as this would not be possible without the care and generosity of Christians in the US. Thank you on behalf of the Zambians of this area for you interest and contribution.

Two New Congregations Planned

We are making plans to plant two new congregations in the district. One will be at Chitumbi and the other at Zalaunga. Both contacts and interest were generated by our well work. I hope that we can schedule the effort sometime after the first of the year if not before

In the picture Charles is talking with the head man of Chitumbi about water and a new congregation. The two women with him are his wives as he is a polygamist. He sanctions the congregation (which is important) but the real contact is his son who is not a polygamist and wants a congregation.

Chitumbi is where we went on the last trip to plant a congregation but the program was delayed because a woman was killed by a crocodile and there was a funeral.

Tomorrow I will be visiting the congregation at Masaga.

I will post again soon about other things going on.

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  1. Kathy

    So glad that generous donation was made. Gods timing is always perfect. We will continue to pray that the hearts are receptive to God and the seed is firmly rooted!

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