December 2

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Sunday we met with the church in Masaga. This was one of the first congregations that we planted when we began working in the Siavonga District. It is a strong congregation.

We baptized 4 people that first day. One of them was the village headman. He is still a faithful member to this day and a keystone in the congregation.

It was a good day. It was cloudy so it was not too hot but it was humid. The attendance was down because a number of people were working in the fields.

Well Repair

We have been using funds received to work on several wells. In this instance we needed to pull a well apart and replace some parts. However, due to the low water table water is still sketchy.

We received a call several days ago from a head teacher at a school in the Kafue area. Their well was not working and what was needed was a chain. We were able to get the chain but we needed to get it to them. The solution…put it in an envelope and give it to a bus driver who would then deliver it. He would not do it for free but it would cost. Still it saves the 200+ km drive to deliver it.

An effective system all the same.

They received the chain later that day and the well was producing water by night.

1 thought on “December 2

  1. Melba Deitrick

    Good to see the activity and how you are helping the Christians and neighborhoods. It has been rainy here and some days in the low and mid 50’s. Doesn’t feel like it is near Christmas. Retail sales were down on Black Friday from what was expected. So they sent ads and advertised big for cyber Monday, but that was disappointing also,.

    Hope you are keeping well and getting more comfortable in your house. God bless you and your work. Melba

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