Going at last

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We had a nice night at the Ethiopia Hotel. We were up in the morning and off to the airport. Getting to the plane and on board was the usual tedious affair. I learned that we will travel to Lusaka through Harare in Zimbabwe. The flight would be about 3 and half hours.

We will be on the ground about an hour in Harare. At least that was the plan. But, this year seems to a “patience building” experience. Instead of an hour we are on the ground three or so hours. The reason is not exactly clear. Passengers continue to drizzle in during that time. But I did see them eventually come and remove one of the passengers. He was never returned. Charles was told in Lusaka that there was a problem with one of the engines. Interesting… When we eventually arrived we were nearly two hours late. We will be able to do nothing today but get rooms and relax for the night.

The temperature in Lusaka is pleasant with a bit of wind which is typical for this time and weather.

As we traveled the last 45 or so minutes from Harare I found myself getting a bit excited. I really have an affinity for Zambia and the people here especially my church family. As I was looking at the landscape below we crossed a large river and then there was the plateau. The river was the Zambezi and I knew we had crossed into Zambia. Then I saw that 4000 ft. plateau rise from the air. Shortly afterwards we arrived in Lusaka at last, more than 24 hours later than scheduled. But we had arrived safely.

Well it’s now Sunday and I am just now able to sit for a minute and write a bit. We arrived in Lusaka and stayed overnight running a few errands. We picked up my work permit. I can now enter and leave Zambia as I wish. This gives me legal status in Zambia. What that means at this point I do not know except that I can now stay longer than thirty days on a visitor’s permit.

We picked up some medicine from the Chemist for Judith’s medical efforts. One will be a part of the lectureship next weekend.

Our leadership workshop started on Friday. I am feeling a bit off because we are a day short due to travel issues but things are going well. I will write more about it later tonight. There are no services on Sunday evenings here in Zambia. The morning service will last 3 hours until around 2. Afterwards there will be free time.

More to come

Ndalumba Leza yebo (I thank God for you)


Siavonga, Zambia

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  1. Tesha


    I prayed for safe travels for you, but it sounds like they were a tad hairy.. I’m glad that the engine prohttp://www.boppy.comblem was not a big one and that you are well on your way to spread the word of God to the precious Zambia people.

    Until the next post….

    Ttyl and thank God for you, too!!!

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