December 25 (resend)

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Happy Holidays

It is Christmas morning here in Zambia. They celebrate Christmas but not like in the states. There is no present giving among Zambians that I am aware of, at least here. The white families do this with their children. As near as I can gather today is about family, at least with the Phiris. They have a meal and then they may go to one of the lodges and hang out around the pool and relax.

Jessica is here and that is nice. We went to Gwabi River Lodge on the Kafue for two days. I wanted her to be able to see some African animals etc. It was nice but hot and humid. The power went out several times. But she was able to see some of the animals for which Africa is known.


We were extremely fortunate that we saw a female lion running from the river on the morning that we went out fishing. That is unusual it seems. But we came up suddenly and she ran away so there was no picture. Too bad.

When we were on the Zambezi River we saw lots and lots of hippos. They were everywhere.


Unfortunately we didn’t see much else. We saw a couple of bush bucks from a distance and Jessica saw an Impala. Because it has rained the animals are not forced to come to the river for water so that reduced what we saw. But it was nice and we did see some other animals, like crocodiles.


People here are still waiting for the rains to come to Siavonga. It has been raining all over Zambia but most have missed here although we have had a few showers. Aside from the big rain weeks ago nothing much to speak of.

Charles and I will be sitting down with church leaders this next week to talk about a program for 2016. So more on that when it happens.

Thank You

One congregation has come up with funds for a backup generator. I hope to be getting that in the near future. Friends have offered to help connect it. I have to admit that I am really nervous because I am not mechanically oriented and this stuff “scares” me a bit. But we will muddle through.


A group in Alabama has shipped a container to us here in Siavonga. I was able to get my library and a few things in it. But the bulk of it was over 1200 boxes of women’s clothing and 600+ boxes of books for needy schools. They paid for it all except the clearing costs on this end. The man handling it says that those will be about $800. I need to ask for consideration and help in this since it would come out of my support if I have to pay it. We are hoping he will work with us but do not know. The materials will spread a lot of help over a large area. The books will be given to village schools lacking even basic education supplies. If you can help please contact West Richardson at the Circleville Church of Christ in Circleville, OH or myself.

One aspect of the effort here is the need for some kind of work fund to defray cost of travel and requests for help from the congregations in the villages. If you can help, please consider something. A regular contribution would be good but one time will also help.

Thank you, thank you,

To everyone who supports the work both financially and spiritually thank you. I believe that we can do significant things in God’s kingdom. But it is only made possible by your support and prayer. I hope and pray that it will continue.

God bless you all! – Charles

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  1. Michael Mobley

    Happy new year in Zambia. Every year life continues with many things remain the same and some things will change throughout the year that we will not know until they come. So, here is hoping that this year does bring all of you many more blessings in Christ!

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