January 20

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Ever since I started with facebook it has been harder to do the blog. But, I need to get back to that because there are those who are not on facebook who will not see it. Plus facebook is a limited medium since it is brief.  One reason this has become harder is that in the past I was able to do my post in Word and then copy and past into the text of the email to send to the address to post.  But lately none of the pictures have been being included even though they are in the text.  I reformat the pictures to a smaller size but that is not helping now.  If anyone has more knowledge than I and can help it would be appreciated.  That is very easy…just write it copy and past into the text and send an email.  Doing it like this means that I have to do the text and then upload the pictures.

I have now switched to a business facebook. It is more specific and directed. It is Simalundu Mission. If you friend/like it then you will be in receipt of what is posted on it. My profile page is now Charles Hill. The mission page is connected. You have to have a profile page to have the business. I will still use the profile for chatting etc. but the mission will be the main communication re: the work.

One drawback of starting to use facebook is that it has made be somewhat lazy when it comes to the blog. I will have to try and do better.


I did not know about load shedding when I came to Zambia. It was decided that a backup generator would be needed to cover outages that might happen. One large enough to power everything was too expensive. That would be a 10 KVH and the cost would be over $10,000. It was recommended that a 6 KVH would run basics like light, fans, refrigerators etc. But it will not power air conditioners, hot water heaters or stoves.

The brethren in Camp Hill, PA generously contributed funds to purchase a 6 KVH generator as a backup. We are in the process of setting it up at this time. Thank you brethren…so much.


We needed to build a cage to put the generator in outside the house. We have to be cautious about theft here since we are on the edge of things. That has been built and I am waiting for a friend to come and make the connections.

generator cage

Medical Clinic

When I first came to Zambia I was approached by an individual with a group called Zalaunga Community Development. It is a non-profit group looking to build a medical clinic in the village of Zalaunga. It is in the district and we have a plan to plant a congregation there before too much longer.

I was asked to be the onsite supervisor of constructing the building. I was approached because of well work and my name is known in the area. I agreed to oversee and coordinate construction.



Most of the labor will be villagers. The blocks to build it will be locally molded and burned. Funds were raised to put the footer foundation down and then to do the slab. We were able to finish both before the first heavy rains. Once the rains begin the road will be impassable until after the rains stop later on.

When the rains stop the villagers will begin to make the additional blocks needed. At this point they have about 3000 already made. Another 6000 will be needed.


Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a technique to grow crops using water drip that put water directly on the root system of the plant instead of broadcasting or running water along rows. The benefit is that it uses small amounts of water directly applied. This makes a garden possible for people who must carry water for their houses. All that is needed is a 20 liter container morning and evening and a family can grow food even when it is dry.


We planned and conducted two seminars teaching drip irrigation technique for gardening. It is a low water use with little evaporation and is very effective in dry areas. Healing Hands International is funding it and providing a trained presenter from Zimbabwe.

We did one seminar here in the district and a second in the area of Kabwe. Both were successful. I am anxious to see the results.

Radio Program

I believe that we are going to try a weekly radio program on a local station. It will be a combination study and call in program. Details have not been worked out but I hope to do so soon. It will cost about $100 a month so we will be looking for funds from those who would like to help with such an effort. I will write more when the details are worked out.

It will be called…”Let the Bible Speak” – Charles Phiri really liked that name.


The rains are late. We have had a couple of good rains since October. The last was just on Sat-Sun with some showers on Monday. But just now none are on the horizon. Prayer is needed for rain. It is coming in others areas of Zambia but not regularly here just now. Of course that could change tonight but…you know how it goes with weather.


I have been remiss in doing this regularly. Facebook has made me lazy. Even if you do not do facebook as a rule I would request that you find Siavonga Mission and like it so that you can keep up regularly. Since it is a business page it operated differently that the usual. It only does related contact as opposed to the personal profile pages. Only material or information about the mission will be on it.