April 28, 2018 – Zambia Mission Trip Update

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April 28

Tonight, is the final night of the Gospel Chariot in the Siavonga area. From here the Chariot will shift to the Chisamba area near Kabwe. Kabwe is located about 125 km north of Lusaka.

The Chariot stayed in NaKafue last night since it is too far, and the road is rough. When we arrive, they are sitting and talking in the shade. With our arrival set up begins. This means putting out the chairs and assembling the sound and projection equipment.

Someone brings a watermelon and we spend some time dealing with that before we resume the setting up.


When everything is set up they begin to broadcast some church music and folks begin to arrive. Mostly children at first. It is clear that we will not see the numbers in attendance here that we saw in Lumbembe. Nakafue is spread out and, I believe, not as large a village as Lumbembe.

I am the first speaker. I always make my focus on knowing Jesus and try to associate it with what they see on the screen.


There are problems with their PA system, so I speak without the microphone. I have a voice that carries so it is not a problem with being heard. I prefer the freedom this offers without having to hold something in my hand and having a short wire.


Gilbert Mutelesi is the second speaker.


At the end of his speaking there are two who come to be baptized.


One is an older woman and the other a young man.


Afterward, the film is finished, and we head back to Siavonga. The Chariot will remain in Chirundu and attend services at Chitanga tomorrow. Then they will head to Lusaka where some repairs are needed on the vehicle on Monday. Tomorrow we will be in Siavonga for services.

April 29

Regular services today in Siavonga. This will be my last opportunity to speak in Siavonga. Next Sunday Charles wants me to preach in Kabwe before we head back from our Chariot work.

The numbers at services are down some. One of the reasons is that 20 of the young people are in Livingston for a youth seminar. At this time of the year, there are some who are farming and are required to be in the fields. In this area people need to be there to chase away birds and baboons. Otherwise, they would lose much of their crops.


After services I treat the family to a leisurely lunch at the Lake Kariba Inn. Charles and I spend some time talking at my lodging before having dinner at his house and closing the day. Tomorrow (Monday) Charles is going to Lusaka for a part for the truck, to pick up several needed items and to visit immigration about my work permit. I will relax for the day.

Mwendi kabotu,