April 30, 2018 – Zambia Mission Trip update

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April 30

Today Charles is traveling to Lusaka to pick up a couple of things. This means that I am free. So, I choose to stay in and relax and read. He planned to return about mid afternoon but arrived home after 9pm. Tomorrow morning, we leave for Kabwe.

May 1

Today is a day of travel. We will be traveling about 350 km from Siavonga to Kabwe. The Gospel Chariot is in Lusaka having repairs done and will also travel to Kabwe today.


On the map you can see Siavonga at the head of the lake near the label Zimbabwe. Follow the road to Lusaka and then on to Kabwe. Kabwe is located on what is called the Great North Road. It is the major route to Tanzania through Nakonde in Zambia.

There is a lot of big truck traffic traveling this road. Here they call them lorries. In the states 80,000 lbs. is the maximum. Over here many are loaded with much more than that. The pavement in many places is “rutted.” This means that the pavement has been pushed up by the wheels and is sometimes difficult for low riding vehicles to travel. All trucks going north pass along this road up to Kapiri Mposhi. Just past there is divides. The Great North Road swings to the east and the other heads due north to the Copperbelt.

I did not realize it but today is Labor Day in Zambia. It is a worker’s holiday. So, as we are passing through Lusaka many of the shops and stores are closed. What we had hoped to do we will not be able to do. But, on the positive side, driving through Lusaka is smooth and fast for a change.

The program begins tomorrow in the village of Chisamba. It is about 28 km from Kawbe in the bush. I do not know the quality of the road, but we will find out. I am uncertain if we are still in an area where Tonga is the dominant language or if we are now where Bemba is spoken.

May 2

The plan for today is for the Chariot to finish its repairs and to travel to Kabwe for a program this evening in the village of Chisamba. Specifically, at the Chiconcome congregation. It is one of two that has been planted in the last 2 years. Attendance averages about 65.

But, the fly in the ointment is that the Chariot does not leave Lusaka until nearly 4 pm. There is no way it will arrive here in time for the program. So…no program tonight. We will have to shorten it by one day. But, the good news is that it has been repaired. It will be a lost day as far as the Chariot program here. We are on a schedule. We must get by to Siavonga Sunday. Next week is the time to repair wells before I depart on Friday.


This tree is very old. I have no idea but likely hundreds of years. It is a fig tree. It has been the meeting place for town business for generations.


Kabwe is a bustling town. It’s main industry is mining and agriculture. The roads are lined with shops that seem to be just thrown up. There are also many places where you can furniture that has been made by the locals, often without power tools.


Hopefully our program will be back on track tomorrow.

Mushali kabotu,