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Last post from Zambia – 2022 Trip

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This is my last post from Zambia. I fly out this evening between 9 and 10 pm and will be back in Houston Wed afternoon. Thanks for the support and interest. If anyone has questions they can feel free to send them. Charles 11 May Today is dedicated to travel. We depart Chingola around 9am headed for Kabwe. We arrive… Read more »

Update – May 9

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9 May Today is the final day of our work in Kasempa. It has been a good effort even though the numbers were not as large as other sites. Charles has described what we have done here is “revived the church.” COVID has had a negative effect on the church here just as it has in the US. The government… Read more »

Update – May 8

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8 May Today is day 2 of our time here in Kasempa. This morning we will be having church services. Charles teaches the Bible class with Andrew Loloji translating. His class is a very basic topic on the work of the church. Between the two of them they get pretty worked up and, at times, loud. The transition from class… Read more »

Update – May 7

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7 May Today we begin our three-day teaching. As before, Galatians will be the study topic. We will also interject some studies on the church and leadership before our time here is finished. This is a large “ant” mound. They are all over this area. I believe what the Zambians call ants are, in fact, termites. This one is 12+… Read more »

Update – May 4

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4 May Today is our second day with the church in Kamafwafwa. We will continue with our study in Galatians. Speaking to Zambians is encouraging. They are intense listeners. You can tell from their faces that they are really listening and thinking about what is being said. I really enjoy listening to Zambians sing. They really enjoy it and it… Read more »