The enemy at work

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The Enemy

We set out this morning for Chitumbi to “open” a congregation. Chitumbi is about 20+ kilometers out from Siavonga on a “bush” type road. This means there is a road but there are a lot of bumps, rocks etc. that make it a slow and rough ride.

When we arrived we found the village head man. To our dismay one of the women of the village had been killed by a crocodile yesterday. A death in the village puts everything on hold for the funeral process which can take several days. The result is that most of the people are at the house of the person who died. There will be no planting today. But we do talk with the head man at length. Opening a congregation is not over but only delayed to a more appropriate time.

The head man is on the right. The young man in the blue shirt is his son. He is holding in his hand a copy of the tract “The Churches of Christ: who are these people?” in Tonga.

Given the interest in this village it will be a successful effort. I am certain that the enemy is at work to hinder it from happening.

We meet with the head men of the Dakota area tomorrow about opening a congregation there. I do not know how soon that could be done but that will depend on their decision.


Siavonga, Zambia

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  1. Thomas Holmes

    Be prepared to think about a presentation on Oct. 16th at
    the Whitney Avenue Church of Christ, This will be an area wide leadership and preacher meeting we will be hosting.
    I will be focusing on 1 John 1:1-2:2. Then In the evening we have a Bible Class and I was hoping to get the announcement out that all members should come and hear about your work. I will send out invitations to congregations
    to attend. Thanks, God Bless
    Talk Soon!

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