Sunday August 16

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It’s getting there…the house that is. It is not getting there as fast as I need it to but soon I should be able to be in part of it. The electric should be finished this week. There are finishing touches on the roof and it will be done. Plumbing is almost there. The floor in the bedroom is done and they are working on the bath before moving on to the office.

We are even starting to clear some of the clutter from the area around the house but that will be quite a job in itself. Tomorrow Mvula will start on the footer for the kitchen door area and then on the office door.

Today I spoke at Habasimbi congregation. There were only a few present because there was a funeral in the village and that necessitates many people being present in the Zambian culture. It was still a good service though.

Tomorrow we travel to Lusaka. I will purchase two air conditioners for the office and bedroom, a hot water heater and water filter system. There are other things on the list if there is kwacha enough.

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  1. Melba Deitrickl

    Glad to see progress on your house and work space. We just returned from Broad Top where Don did the teaching and preaching. Things look a little greener in that area. Grass and flowers are looking dead here. We know something about getting settled in a new place – having moved numerous times and some of those moves in foreign cultures. Thanks for this update. God be with you.

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