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I received the following report from Charles concerning an outreach effort.

Today we went on an outreach to Kawama Church of Christ in Chisamba, Central province of Zambia. Andrew loloji one of the Church elders at Railways in Kabwe Preached. I did Bible Class at the end of the Church Service.
Judith my wife and David our son was part of the group.
Three village headman was in attendance.Headman Mushiumfwa,Ngukukila and Katoba. The attendance was 49 and five gave themselves to be baptized.
The stream is dry no water,so we will make arrangements for them to be baptized in town in one of the swimming pool any day when transport will be available.So we are looking for a vehicle to hire.

Zambia still has restrictions on moving around. We have been able to continue doing some well work. We have finally completed the drilling of 10 new wells and the repair of several others.

Our radio program continues to be well received and we are having contacts following every program.

At this time it looks like I will not be able to travel to Zambia this year. This would mean that I would likely travel in the spring of next year, Lord willing, depending on continued travel restrictions.