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There has been a good bit going on in Zambia.

Our radio work continues to show results. Most of the response is coming from the Gwembe area. It is quite far from Siavonga, nearly 200 km.
The roads to get there are very bad. We have had several baptisms. The problem is that there is no water available in the area apart from
the water wells. The recent baptisms had to be done in a swimming pool. This meant that transport has to be provided. Just this week we have 8 more how need to be baptized as a result of the radio work.

We are looking at purchasing a livestock tank to be used for baptisms. It would also serve for livestock. Charles Phiri is looking into what the cost might be. He estimates that it might be $500.

We have continued to repair wells as funds are available. Funds from Partners4Africa has enabled us to repair a number of wells. They have
also provided funds to drill some wells. One is scheduled to be drilled later this week. Healing Hands has provided for the drilling of 10 water wells. That work has now been completed.

Several outreach efforts are planned for the coming weeks. I will try and update is I have the information.

God bless!