October 16

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On the 11the we visited the Kasamba congregation at Lumbembe. The congregation has done well since it was first planted a few years ago. Even though Charles was back from Central Province he wanted me to go with several others. He has not been in Siavonga for several weeks so he said he would stay. So I went with a brother named Michael Hamunjo as the translator. Also, Benjamin Mvula came along. Michael’s story is an interesting one. I do not have all of it so I will relate it another time.

Lumbembe is about 50 km from Siavonga right along the paved road. When we arrived the group had mostly gathered and was singing. It was pretty full when we came in.

I was surprised at the number of children present. They were made to sit during Bible class. There was not class for them. Children’s classes are something that we need to address in the future. Siavonga will have one class for the children but often the villages do not have any as far as I know.

Bible class was on the Parable of the Sower. Just now I am speaking on basic subjects, especially the church and our part in it. As time goes on I am certain that this will change and expand. But for now we are just settling in together.

The lessons seem to be well received. I do not know the nature of the usual preaching here but I would assume it is fairly basic and not too much depth. The speakers are mostly the men or the church leader and I do not know their range of knowledge about Scripture but I would surmise it very rudimentary.

I taught Bible class and then after a couple of songs I preached. When services were finished we were informed that there would be gifts and a welcoming after the meal. There would also be the normal meeting with the church leaders who would have a request or two.

At Mapoto I was given the gift of two village chickens. At Kasamba I walked away with a goat, three chickens, two pigeons and a duck. It was quite a menagerie and I was surprised at their generosity. I was told who the gifts were from but since I did not write it down it escapes me at this point.

The question…what am I going to do with a goat? Charles has goats on his property along the Chirundu road so I guess I will add it to his (I have done that before). But when we talked and he thought about it he suggested we see if we could get another goat and I have goats on my property along the Chirundu road. I have a young man watching it and it would give him more to do. Charles knows a man who raised goats and he wants to see if he will sell me one. Might be interesting in the long run…

This was a single chicken and grown. But then I was given a pair of young ones, male and female, to keep (I assume with the same idea as Mapoto).

This is certainly more livestock than I have ever had to handle in my life. So it is a new experience. I am not sure about the pigeons. I know that people keep them and even eat them. Mvula and his wife have kept them in the past so I will trust them to them and see where it goes.

The duck I received as we were departing so there is no photo. Mvula and his wife want to get a second one and keep ducks as well.

5 thoughts on “October 16

  1. Joe Kennell

    Charles the Lord keeps blessing you in more ways than you probably imagined! I enjoy reading about your work. God Bless. JGK

  2. Kathy

    The Lord is blessing your future. Praying their requests also bless everyone involved and that God opens doors to their souls in the process of exchange

  3. Melba Deitrick

    How exciting to think of your raising farm animals. Just think Audrey can have fresh eggs for your breakfast, goat milk and perhaps cheese. We see a herd of goats often as we go back and forth to Martinsburg along Route 11. Don had a third surgery to drain an abscess in the anal canal. We are not sure this is the last time. Pray for him. I have a call so I will stop. God bless your work.

  4. Thomas holmes

    Nice work! If they are milk goats you got your milk, cheese, butter and Meat! Roasted goat is good. I had it in various parts of the world. Greece, Italy and Germany. Denise and I had nice memories when we were with you and Audrey Last Year. Take care and write me on my e-mail. Audrey will know what to do with chickens she was raised around them. Every Spring Dad bought a bunch. Those that were roosters became Sunday dinner, except one, it would be,the Man!
    The Hens would give us eggs and more chicks, Yes in deed, the Holmes’ in the 50’s and 60’s lived of the land. But you know this. Salute the Saints for Us and if you dare give them a Holy Kiss from us!

  5. Mike Mobley

    I truly enjoy keeping up with you and the work there with the news, pictures, and stories. Hope that Audrey and you are well. God bless everyone there and the work all of you are doing.

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