November 15

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I have not posted in a while. Here it has been really HOT recently. The kind of hot that slows things down and makes people just seek shade and some coolness. All this is in anticipation of the beginning of the rains which can begin any day.

Yesterday it was 41 (105.8 F) or 42 (107.6 F) but felt like 45 (113 F). The humidity is also high. So you get an idea of what HOT means. I am told it can get hotter than that but I don’t see how. The rains will cool things down but the heat comes back after a bit. It becomes a cycle…hot…rain…hot…rain.

Last Sunday there was another baptism. I did not bring my camera so there is no photo. I will do that next Sunday.

The one project we have going is that we are planning to conduct two drip irrigation seminars near wells that have been drilled. Drip irrigation is a way or gardening that is very effective in drier areas. It drips water directly on the roots and makes it possible for people to grow gardens to feed their families and then to sell the surplus. We have a man coming from Zimbabwe who teaches the seminar and we are trying to get everything in place.

Thank You

An anonymous donation for well work has been received. The individual has given a generous donation specifically to work with wells in the past. Another has been received. The site has not as yet been identified but will be in the near future. To the donor…thank you very much. Your gift will be used to restore water to a village whose well has stopped producing.

To date I estimate that this persons gifts have resulted in water for between 5 and 8 thousand Zambians. Again, thank you for you generosity. May God continue to bless you.

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  1. mary

    Hi Charles! What kind of crops grow in such a hot climate? The seminar sounds so interesting. I’ve been gardening for 6 years and have never used drip irrigation.

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