May 31

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I am hoping to begin regular posts again about the work in Zambia.  Please feel free to comment etc.

Chariot in work start today

The Gospel Chariot has arrived in Siavonga.  It will be there until the end of next week.  It first visited Bbendele for several days.  On Sunday they were there for church services.  Because of its presence three denominational churches joined them for Sunday services.  They were the Pentacostal congregation, Salvation Army and the New Apostolic.  This is a significant contact for teaching the gospel.

Thus far there have been 2 baptisms at Bbendele as a result of the presentations.

2016 Chariot Baptism

The presentation is a film of the life of Christ in Tonga.  It will visit a number of villages in the district over the next 12 days.

More to follow…

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