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The Time is Fast Approaching

Even though it seems to crawl I know that the time is fast nearing for my departure to Zambia. We have sold our house, my motorcycle and divested ourselves of nearly all of our goods save those in storage for our daughter and sons. This has been quite a task. You really do not know how much you have accumulated until you need to deal with it all.

The schedule is that I will preach my last Sunday in Chambersburg on the 19th of July. The following Wednesday we will fly out to Texas for a visit with family. We will visit the Cameron Road church in Austin and on Monday fly back to Dulles in the DC area. On Tuesday Audrey will fly to Florida and I will leave for Zambia arriving on the 29th. Audrey is going to our son, Nathan and his family’s, until the 2nd of February. At that time she will travel to Zambia to join me there.

On the 30th the National Men’s Conference will begin in Siavonga. I will be presenting one lesson during that time.

The House

At this time we are trying to coordinate the roof, electric and plumbing. We are waiting for the workmen to give us an estimate of materials needed. They seem to be in no real rush to get this done so I am concerned about getting enough finished to house me when I arrive.

Work is being done on the veranda off of the front of the house. I understand that the sealer (top surface) has been completed but I do not have photos of that just yet.

I have not received any photos because Charles has been in the bush supervising the drilling of water wells.

Water Wells

Healing Hands International has provided a generous contribution toward drilling wells in the area. The plans are to drill 13 wells all total. 10 will be drilled in the Siavonga District and 3 in the area around Kabwe.

One problem with drilling wells is when you drill a well and there is no water at a reasonable depth. This is called a “dry hole” and the drillers do not do them for free. There is a fee when drilling occurs and no water is found. Sometimes the problem is not that there is no water but that it is too deep. When you are using hand pumping there is a limit of how deep you can raise water with hand pumps. So there is a limit to how far they will drill. If not water is reached then they stop and try another site.

We have 6 dry holes so far. Any more and we may need to reduce the number of wells to cover the cost. We will see…

Please keep the final days in your prayers. I find this a bit overwhelming at times.

Thank you for your interest and support. If you do not know we are now making the blog part of the web page. Nothing will change as far are you receiving the posts. But the thread is now posted as part of the web site. You can visit it at

God bless!


3 thoughts on “It’s Near

  1. Mike Mobley

    Charles, I am so pleased that your plans have worked out. God bless you my friend and brother in your work. Question: did you loose your left arm? Your picture on the web page makes it appear so.

  2. Mike Mobley

    Church out the study guide series I am working on at the webpage listed above. Look in Class Archives under the Worship and Classes tab in the menu. Mine are The Word of The Master series. Check out the others as well. I will continue to add to the series. Let me know what you think.

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