It’s Coming Along!

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The house is really coming along as you can see by the picture. The walls are up to roof level. This picture is looking at it from the back. The door is in the kitchen. To the left of that is the dining area and on the front side is the living room area. At the far right is the master bedroom with toilet in between. The next phase will be the gabling on the ends for the roof. We will be making metal trusses for the metal roof. Measurements have been made and we should hear soon about the possible cost.

The electrician was by yesterday taking measurements. He should come back with a materials list Sunday. We still need a plumber to come in and do the same. We are still working on the water for the house.

At this time Audrey will not be coming with me. Our son and his family in Florida have asked her to come and help with child care for a bit as both of them are working nights just now. This will work out well because there is no way, at this time, that the house will be finished by the end of July. She will come the first of February.

In the meantime enough will be completed for me to occupy when I arrive. That will probably be the bedroom, toilet and my office. Work will continue toward getting it finished as soon as possible. Landscaping will not happen until I am there to decide what needs to be done.

National Men’s Conference

The National Men’s Conference of Zambia will be hosted this year by the Siavonga area churches. It will begin on the 30th of July through that Sunday morning. I will be the first speaker on Friday. I am looking forward to the gathering.


We will be closing on our house here in Chambersburg on the 23rd of June. After that Audrey will work until the 26th when she will “retire.” At this time we have just about sold everything and the house is nearly empty. Some things have been put in storage for our children such as antique furniture etc. The only things we will be taking with us are my library, a few personal things and our clothes.

While this is an exciting move it is also a bit unsettling. We are selling out and moving to another country. But God has always been good to us and He will keep us in this new adventure.

I will keep you posted. Keep us and the move in your prayers please.

God bless!


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  1. Joe

    “29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms for My name’s sake, will receive many times as much, and will inherit eternal life (Matt 19:29; NASB).” May He keep and bless you always. Prayers go up on your behalf.

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