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Masaga visitation

Today we did a program at the church in Masaga village. Masaga was begun a number of years ago with 4 baptisms. Today it is a solid congregation.

The numbers as the program began were not many. At the end the place was full. There was a funeral in the village. The church was well represented. It seems that if that is not the case then people might begin to talk about the church in very negative terms. The individual died unexpectedly yesterday so there was no way to avoid it.

I continued teaching about the inner man who is shaped by what we learn from and about Jesus. At the end Charles needed to say some things about leadership in the local congregation.

The Masaga church is led by Malumisa. He was there at the beginning. Lately there has been a problem in the congregation. A young man was a student at a bible school/preacher training in Lusaka. He began to talk about when he graduates he will be leading the church and Malumisa would be just a member. This has been a common problem with many of this school’s graduates. He will not be leading the congregation. But it has caused some upset among the members but is settling down. The congregation is not going to follow him over Malumisa. He has lost any respect he might have had in the congregation.

Leadership is a challenge here in Zambia. Many men expect to be leading because of who they are or their level of education. That is one reason why an emphasis on Biblical leaders and leadership is important.

All in all it was a positive experience. As we were taking our leave the ladies began to sing and dance about saying good bye. We were smiling as we left.

More to come…

Mushale kabotu!


Siavonga, Zambia