Update April 18 – 22

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18 April

Today has been designated as a day to relax before our three-day class begins tomorrow. It is still holiday here so a lot of shops we need to visit are still closed.  However, I was able to get an active SIM card for my phone and by the end of the day was able to make calls.

One of the things I was hoping to do was to go through my books etc. that are stored at the church building to see if there are some I would like to take home.  However, the cabinets most are stored in are locked and Charles has the key at his home in Kabwe so that did not happen.  However, I was able to look through all the files in my file cabinets to see if there were any that I wanted to take back.  I found 20 years of bulletins from Chambersburg. I took those to look through and let Charles have them and look through them to find the references to the work in Zambia.

I was also able to get my mini modem up and running late in the evening. Now I can e-mail and post to the blog.  However, I will need to work with it some to refresh my memory on how to use it.

Anyone who would like to contact me can still use my email at [email protected].  

19 April

Today is the first day of our leadership/preaching class. The topic is Historical Christian Evidences. I will be presenting some general material. It will not be too detailed since we only have a couple of days and most of the referenced material is not available at this time. I am using as a basic Ed Wharton’s book Historical Christian Evidences and then adding additional information and subjects.

The purpose of these studies will be to ground these men and a different level than is normally possible here in Zambia. I would like to give them skills and knowledge that will enable them to be better students of the Bible.  Some of that is to give more background in history etc. than they will normally receive.

At the end of the day it was decided to shift to the church building for the remainder of our sessions. It was decided that the inn wanted too much money for renting the room.

20 April

The second day of class has gone well. Since I have never taught this as a class before I am assembling the material as we are going along.  In that I mean that I am using Wharton’s book as the base and then adding in additional material on other topics.  Much of this is to introduce them to the existence of other information/materials.

One thing that has proven really frustrating for me is the really poor phone networks. Making calls is proving impossible and internet connection has been difficult or impossible. I was able to get my first report out but since have not been able to connect. I hope this improves.

21 April

This is our last session. I believe it has gone well. It began to rain sometime last night but had slowed to sprinkles. Just before Charles arrived to collect me it began to rain. It continued without stopping until nearly 1pm. We had to stop for a bit because the rain on the metal roof was making too much noise to be heard.

22 April

This is a day of travel. We will leave Siavonga and travel to Kabwe which about 165 km north of Lusaka.  Along the way I will meet and have lunch with Karen from Eagles Rest and also get to see my daughter Abigail (charles’ 3rd child).

23 April

Today we travel to Mufumbwe. It is a long trip with 6 of us in a small van but we arrive OK.