Then and Now

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I am still learning this new-fangled technology. Here we go with another entry to the blog

I first went to Siavonga, Zambia in 1999. We had raised the funds to build a church building in Siavonga on a plot the council had given to the church. I said (to myself) that if I could raise the money I would travel to Zambia and help to dedicate the new building. Well to my surprise I was able to raise the funds and I traveled to Zambia. I was “hooked” from the start and the brethren asked me to return the next year.

When I went I found 4 congregations of the Lord’s church meeting in the Siavonga District. The image below shows the location of those congregations in Siavonga and Chirundu and in the villages of Nabbanda and Mangaba.

The church in Chirundu was struggling because it was trying to meet in people’s homes. It also lacked leadership. The church in Nabbanda struggled because it was mostly women.

The image below reflects what has been accomplished since 1999 in establishing congregations. There were several planted that did not survive for one reason or another. But as of today there are now 17 congregations of the church of Christ in the Siavonga District. We have invitations from about a dozen villages inviting us to bring the church to their village.

Each Sunday anywhere from 450 to 600 Christians are meeting for worship within the district.

I did not know that I could use Google Earth for making such images. This is a real technological leap for me but I thought it would be a really good visual for those who are interested in and support my work in Zambia.

I am working on an image that shows the locations of all the wells that have been repaired or drilled. Look for that in the future.

God bless you all