May 3 – Update

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2 May

Today is a day of travel. We took our leave of the church in Zambezi and headed for Kabompo. It is only about a 2 hour drive. We arrive and settle into our rooms to relax and get ready for tomorrow.

3 May

Our location for our study time here is in the village of Kamafwafwa. It is located about 14 km from Kabompo and about 1 km off of the paved road. The congregation numbers just above 100,

The congregation is in the midst of completing their building. The walls are made of mud blocks that they molded themselves. They take a clay like soil and mix it with water and then press it into molds. When they have dried enough, they remove them and mold more. They cure in the sun for a couple of weeks. Then they use them to build an oven. At that time a fire is build in the oven and kept burning for several weeks. When this is done they are now “burned bricks” and will not melt in the rain.

There are no windows or floor as yet, however.

Our morning session involves some introductory information about the Bible and its texts. The information is not readily accessible to the locals but helpful just the same. After a short break we begin introducing Galatians.

When the study session is over Charles speaks with an appeal and 6 respond asking to be baptized. This includes and 81-year-old man.

It is a good thing to have the chariot with us. We can use the baptistry in the chariot instead of traveling to the river or some other body of water.

It takes time for the baptisms because there is only room in the rear for changing for 2 or maybe 3 individuals. All the while everyone is standing and singing.

At the close we are ready to break for lunch. However, it is Africa, we are behind our schedule. There will be time for one session this afternoon. I will make it a good one.

At the end we leave a bit of time for some questions. Afterwards Charles “wraps up” and there are 6 who respond asking for prayers.

Our program for today has now concluded and it is time for the Chariot to get set up for their program. (Unfortunately I do not have any good pictures since it is night time). Charles estimates that there were over 400 present for the film about Jesus.

A good day. We do not stay for the entire program but head back to town.