June 10

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The Gospel Chariot out of South Africa has regularly come to the Siavonga area.  This year the visit was abbreviated.  It was productive.  Contacts have been made that will be followed up in the near future.

The following report is submitted by Charles Phiri.

Gospel Chariot Report 2016.

The chariot arrived in Siavonga on the 26th of May 2016. The day of the 27th was spent resting from travel.  In the evening the work started at the village of Bbendele.  They remained there until Sunday after Church service.

Chariot in work start today

At that time they moved to Siavonga for two evenings and then to Kariba for two evenings.  The chariot was in Masaga for one day and then moved to Kasamba for  Saturday and Sunday. They stopped at night to rest at one of the lodges called Tauya along the Chirundu road. On Monday they proceeded to Lusaka where they will spent the week.    They will then travel to Chipata in the Eastern province for another week then to Malawi.

This year the Chariot came earlier than expected and did not stay very long.  In the end there were 11 Baptism and several restorations.


There were two Baptism on Sunday.  Most of the surrounding denominations decided to attend Church service with the Church of Christ due to the messages they heard.  I received news that four from the Salvation Army church were Baptized.  Of the four women one is the wife of the village headman. Members of New Apostolic and Pentecostal also attended.


There were four baptisms and 16 restorations at Siavonga. One of the baptisms was a prominent widow. Her son also attended Church with the Church of Christ on Sunday.


There was no immediate harvest but many were in attendance.  We are expecting to see some to act upon the word in the future.  The contacts will be followed up.


There was no immediate harvest but similar expectation as Kariba.


There were 5 baptisms and 13 restorations.

The Chariot was scheduled to visit Chitanga and Chaanga but the trip was cut short for Lusaka and Chipata. Our family was traveling with the Chariot.  We parted from them on Sunday evening as they headed to the lodge and we headed back home.

Thank you for your support.